Top 10 Celebrities With Gay Potential – As Nominated By YOU

(PIC) DJ Sbu at the Durban July

(PIC) DJ Sbu at the Durban July

So, yesterday yours truly decided to have some fun on Twitter, Facebook and BBM (at the expense of our local celebrities) and solicited public participation on who the masses thought would have been GAY – had they not been STRAIGHT.

Now as people, we have the tendency of misinterpreting what we read in the media. It’s the same as watching those insurance policy Ads where they tell us that we will receive a payout of ‘UP TO’ R50 000. We tend to immediately conclude that we will get paid the latter, guaranteed, while the Ad clearly states ‘UP TO’.

As such, no one is saying that these celebrities are gay (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay. If any of them are, good for them). We are merely saying: If they were not straight, they would have been gay. Get my drift?

I must admit I was very surprised to see DJ Sbu as one of the nominees. The guy might have hips that gives Xhosa women a run for their money, but a gay potential? LOL!


10. Teko Modise
9. Kabomo
8. DJ Cleo
7. Lulo Cafe
6. Donald Moatshe
5. Lunga Shabalala
4. Khaya Mthethwa

And the top 3 celebrities dominating the nominees list are…..

3. DJ Sbu
2. Phat Joe
1. Theo Kgosinkwe

Oh dear! Theo Kgosinkwe does it again. If being suspected to be gay received award trophies, Theo’s wall unit would be overflowing. We hope we won’t get a call from his wife telling us how good he is in bed (as if being good in bed determines whether a man is gay or not…. silly woman that one).

As for Phat Joe, LOL! He would definitely make a perfect drama queen like that gay socialite known only as Shekeshe. I cringe every time Shekeshe gets drunk and start dancing. Darling, leave the hectic dance moves to skinny UJ students, will you?

DJ Cleo and Donald are always the usual suspects. Let’s hope they won’t write a song about us because we will sue them for royalties. LOL!

Come to think of it, DJ Sbu would have made a perfect David Tlale. The dramatic dress sense, the knee length female boots in the blazing summer weather. Shuuu, David mara! We are glad to see that this fashionista’s inyanga no longer tells him to host his fashion week shows around 12 midnight. Vumani bo! Siyavuma!

Teko Modise, well… I must admit there’s nothing macho about the guy, except for his football skills. Same goes for Lulo, a cute softie that one.

Kabomo, on the other hand, would have made a perfect bitter gay Gogo like Gesh Conco. You know those fat and very negative gay Gogos with nothing good to say about anyone? Nooo! We are not saying Kabomo is negative. His physique would be perfect for a bitter gay Gogo. Get it?

As for the rest…. NO COMMENT!!

PS: Why is Phila Mazibuko, Thami (Senzo from Generations) and Mama Lotto Nimrod Nkosi not on the list?

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SABC 1 To Rebroadcast The Glitz And Glam Of MTN SAMA 19

Mzansi’s favourite channel, SABC 1, will rebroadcast the sensational MTN SAMA 19 event. The 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards which took place at the Sun City Superbowl on 11 May will air on Saturday, 1 June at 8pm.

MTN SAMA 19 was a night sprinkled with highlights; for the first time ever, the MTN Record of the Year went to a gospel singer, Sifiso Ncwane for the hit song; Kulungile Baba. Lira performed on the MTN SAMA stage in what has been hailed as an iconic moment in the history on South African music with Zahara dethroning DJ Cleo in the digital downloads section.

The three hour show saw some inimitable collaborations from stars like Zonke and Kabomo, Khaya Mthethwa with Proverb and DJ Vetkoek & Mahoota featuring the hilarious dancer and show stopper Dr Malinga among others.

If you want to catch all the glitz and glamour of the 19th Annual MTN South African Music Awards again, be sure to tune in to SABC 1 on Saturday, 1 June at 8pm.

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Watch Out SABC 1 – Is Now Mzansi’s Second Most Watched Channel

South African free-to-air commercial
channel has significantly increased audience pull over the years. With the success of its local drama output like eKasi: Our Stories, the hugely popular Monday night drama series, the channel has effectively managed to capture the attention and support of many tv viewers.

It is said that the channel has 17 million viewers, which makes it the second most watched channel in South Africa after SABC1, which has a bigger footprint and 22 million viewers. The channel has in recent years been at the forefront of trying to bring variety in terms on content to South African viewers who do not subscribe to pay-to-view platforms like Dstv and TopTv.

This year is no different. The channel has new shows in store for viewers which will most likely make it more and more popular, including 52 newly commissioned episodes of Ekasi Stories.

As reported last week, will flight a new reality show starring media baits, Nonhle Thema and Khanyi Mbau, which will sure nab the channel some major numbers in the ratings given that the pair command a large number of interest due to their controversial brand.

In addition, this year Mzansi Love returns for a second season with 13 episodes, while the soapie Scandal! will increase from four days a week to five days as from 5 July and a new game show set in Cape Town is on the works.

Returning local series include the dance crew talent search reality show, Step Up or Step Out, and Rolling with…. The subject of the latter will be revealed closer to the show’s broadcast.

The channel has recently launched Cooking Gospel presented by former Simunye presenter Zandi Nhlapho, its first-ever Gospel-themed cooking show.

The channel’s local content quota at the end of December 2012 is reported to have been 47.9% which is above the requirement set by regulator ICASA.

Clearly someone at is paying attention to the plight of South African television viewers. Now that we may have some real competition between the channels perhaps this will prompt
certain channels to stop being arrogant and start commissioning shows with better content. – Phil Mphela

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Vuyo Mbuli’s Son Attacks Kuli Roberts

(PIC) Savita Mbuli (middle) flanked by her children, Sithe (left) and Siphosihle (right)

(PIC) Savita Mbuli (middle) flanked by her children, Sithe (left) and Siphosihle (right)

Vuyo Mbuli is hardly a week old inside his eternal bed and the Mbulis are already ‘making a name for themselves’… for all the wrong reasons, that is.

For those oblivious to the Mbuli Roberts drama, Vuyo Mbuli’s ex wife, Savitha, ran to City Press to discuss an affair she claims her late former husband had with Mzansi’s self proclaimed B*tch, Kuli Roberts.

“What does one do besides laugh? I’ve just been called by City Press cause Savitha told ’em I was having an affair with Vuyo! Amen! I told ’em I’ve no time for Savitha’s dramas. Wow! Strange individual,” Kuli Roberts tweeted.

“SHE CLAIMS she found raunchy BBM’s which I send him. Kwaaaaa! She must show ’em.

“She thinks she is clever! I know about her and she will expose her filth without my help! Accusing me of having an affair with a man who was an older brother to me. Messing his memory and dignity, so soon. She wants to play…. let’s T’Ango!” Kuli continued…

….And just when we thought this was losing momentum, the MbuliRoberts DRAMA added Vuyo Mbuli’s 13 year old son, Sithe Mbuli, as a new cast member to take on the B*tch herself. Oh dear! If you’re not on twitter, you’re missing out!!!

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(PIC) A screen grab of Sithe Mbuli's tweets to Kuli Roberts

(PIC) A screen grab of Sithe Mbuli’s tweets to Kuli Roberts

Metro FM Suspends T-Bo Touch And Team Over Explicit Sex Talk

(Pic.) The suspended TouchDown drive time team; Joe Mann, T-Bo Touch and Refiloe Mpakanyane

(Pic.) The suspended TouchDown drive time team; Joe Mann, T-Bo Touch and Refiloe Mpakanyane

The Touchdown show on Metro FM was pulled from the national radio station’s schedule after the drive time show team conducted an interview on Wednesday with erotica writer and sex coach Jade Zwane which was deemed too explicit by management, reports Times Live.

The Touchdown team lead by T-Bo Touch (real name Thabo Molefe), Refiloe Mpakanyane and sports reader Joe Mann reportedly received SMSes from station programming manager
Caren Olsen to cut the interview short, as it was getting too “steamy”. Zwane, the author of erotic novel aDICKted, was talking about the importance of masturbation and parents’ role in educating their children about sex.

“I explained [to listeners] how my talk with my parents from puberty encouraged me to wait,” Zwane told Times Live.

“I didn’t feel like I needed to rush into it because I had read books about it, and my mom took me to a gynae before my first sexual experience, which was at 23 years.”

Zwane advocates “sexual liberation” for women on her website and offers sexual coaching, advice and workshops.

Metro FM spokesperson Happy Ngidi confirmed that The Touchdown show and its three presenters have been pulled from the schedule, while “internal process” were ongoing.

“They are not suspended, but are just not scheduled because of the unfortunate interview that was of an explicit nature. It goes against the broadcast policy and our mandate
as a station,” she said.

DJ Sbu will host the show until the station’s investigation is concluded.

Lol! We are not stupid, Happy Ngidi. Unscheduled equals suspension. Otherwise why call it an “investigation to the alleged misconduct”. Duh?!!

PS: When is Unathi joining TeamSuspended?

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SABC1 Joins ‘Africa’s 1st Traditional Gay Wedding’ Frenzy – And About Time Too

(Pic.) Newlyweds Cameron Modisane and Thoba Sithole

(Pic.) Newlyweds Cameron Modisane and Thoba Sithole

Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole made international headlines after marrying in a traditional African ceremony in KZN last month.

Local reports on the ground-breaking wedding, including video inserts by eNews Channel Africa, expanded into world-wide coverage, and joining the frenzy will be SABC1 this Thursday.

The new couple have become internationally recognised and have received requests for interviews from countries including the USA, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Even comedian Chelsea Handler, host of Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment Television, along with her panelists; Jeff Wild, openly gay Ross Matthews, and lesbian Fortune Feimster, discussed the wedding on the show.

The couple has also been shooting documentaries with AMSHeR (African Men for Sexual Health and Rights) as well as for the Franco-German TV channel ARTE, which will be broadcast on 26 May. The European documentary is expected to be screened to the French parliament, which recently legalised same-sex marriage, to show how gay people live in other continents.

Let’s not bash Mzansi Magic, VUZU and other MNET channels yet, they are known for their late blooming tendencies. They might join the frenzy a bit later when everyone else has forgotten.

In preparation for International Day Against Homophobia which was on the 17th of May (yes, there is an international day against cruelty to flamingos), the newlyweds did an interview with Radio France International which was broadcast all over the world to French speaking nations, including African countries.

Sahara TV, which is based in the US also recently interviewed the couple about the wedding.
On the local front, SABC recently visited the real life Senzo & Jason at their home to shoot a documentary about their lives in which their family was also interviewed.

The 30 minute SABC documentary is part of the Cutting Edge investigative journalism programme and will be broadcast on Thursday 23 May at 21:30 on SABC 1.

** Source Mamba Online

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CONFIRMED: Beyoncé Is Pulling A Judith Sephuma

(Pic) Beyonce rocking a Givenchy piece at the 2013 Met Gala

(Pic) Beyonce rocking a Givenchy piece at the 2013 Met Gala

The rumors are true! It has just been confirmed that Beyoncé is having another baby! Well, this is according to S2S Magazine.

Mrs. Carter moves quick doesn’t she?
Earlier this month, Bey told “Good Morning America” that she’d like to have another child, playfully stating that her daughter Blue Ivy needs some company. Days later, the rumor mill began churning with speculation that she was pregnant again after she wore a Givenchy gown to the 2013 Met Gala that could easily have concealed a little baby bump.

Beyoncé continued to fuel rumors of a possible pregnancy by cancelling a show in Belgium under doctor’s orders due to exhaustion. Although her mother Tina denied that she’s got another baby on the way, several sources have confirmed to E! News that Bey and her husband Jay-Z are in fact expecting another child! Neither Beyoncé’s nor Jay’s reps have made any statements about the news.

Five years into their marriage, the “Bow Down” diva and her hip-hop hubby still seem to be very much in love. With a combined net worth of roughly $1 billion, Jay and Bey know what it takes to build wealth. They each came into the marriage with some serious coin of their own.

Relax – Mrs. Carter! Blue Ivy is only 15 months old. Or are you an advocate of “once you pop – you can’t stop” like our beloved mother of 6, Judith Sephuma? The rate Mme Judith gives birth ngakhona, one would swear she’s after our government child grant. Last time we checked, she was pregnant….again!!!

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