Tokyo Sexwale Joins The Sugar Daddies Club

(PIC) Tokyo Sexwale's young mademoiselle, Nataxa da Silva

(PIC) Tokyo Sexwale’s young mademoiselle, Nataxa da Silva

The rich, old and bored has fallen for the young, hot and broke – a perfect recipe to get self appointed ‘moral judges’ going.

According to Sunday Times, 60 year old billionaire and Minister of Human Settlement, Tokyo Sexwale, is seeing a 20 something year old Nataxa something, who is a law student and an unknown model. At least Babalwa Mneno is famous, although we are not too sure about her modeling title. We have never seen Miss Mneno in any Ad campaigns, let alone catwalks. Yet she still insists that she’s a model (can somebody please wake Babz up from this rather long dream?).

Anyway, to reassert the age gab more vividly, when Mr. Sexwale was 40, Nataxa was probably a toddler who could only utter simple words such as ‘mama’ and ‘papa’. As such, one can’t help but wonder if this Nataxa character is in it for the bling or genuinely cares for this father figure. Show me a 20 year old woman who would leave hot-bodied virile young men for a 60 year old man simply for love, and I will show you the legs of a snake. The only thing sexy about Tokyo is his bank balance.

Envy and jealousy aside, I have to give it to Nataxa. She is a sizzling hot DIAMOND digger (a far better level than that of a GOLD digger). It is no wonder why GRANDPA Tokyo fell for her.

Congratulation girl, you have hit the JACKPOT!!! The question is, will you also seek a 70 million house, 3 million to furnish it, a new 1 million car every 5 years and a monthly maintenance of R150 000.00 just like Miss Old Geyser Judy? We wait and see…

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Kozi says:

    Would Nataxa even look at him if he was just a regular black man. I gues she may have prefered a white young man

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