Is Kenny Kunene’s Mansion A Brothel? 15 Girlfriends Prostitutes? New ZAR A Strip Club?

On-lookers are shocked as Kenny Kunene displays his unapologetic love for sex

On-lookers are shocked as Kenny Kunene displays his unapologetic love for sex

Gayton McKenzie’s announcement on City Press has revealed that the ZAR empire will be taking a new and rather interesting approach that will sure make people go: “Oh my God!”

“We opened the first few ZARs, saw our mistakes and we went back to come up with something out of this world,” McKenzie told City Press.

He has confirmed that the porn side of the business, which was initially scheduled to launch in March 2013, will be run by Mzansi’s controversial sugar-daddy, Kenny Kunene.

Adding to the mayhem, the brand will also launch a dating site that will be “different from the rest”, as well as a new ZAR nightspot in Newtown.

Shortly after these announcements, the Sushi King came out with a head count of 15 girlfriends, a revelation that even got priests and sangomas united against him.

Now, is this just a coincidence or is it part of a big puzzle ZAR is trying to build?

What if Kenny’s Sandton mansion is a brothel used as ZAR’s porn hub to shoot X-rated movies and service high profiled clients?

What if these 15 girls are prostitutes hired to star in these porn movies and service horny rich men?

What if ZAR Newtown is a strip joint packaged for pervertious men who left their cellulite and stretch-mark infested wives at home to seek action with young and flawless-bodied strippers?

What if Kenny Kunene is actually turning into a glorified pimp, not a frowned-upon polygamist?

Only time will tell. But if our suspicions are true, this will really get people go: OH MY GOD!!!!

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