“Kenny Kunene A Bedroom Disaster,” Says Former Girlfriend

Judging by dark knees, Kenny Kunene's girls are clearly doing hard labour at the Sandton mansion

Kenny Kunene’s girls are clearly doing hard labour @ the Sandton mansion judging by their dark knees

Kenny Kunene’s ego is not that big in the bedroom, after all. Well, this is according to his former girlfriend who refused to be named for fear of reprisal.

Following his latest attempt to stay relevant in the media by announcing a head count of fifteen girlfriends, ZAR Sushi King has even set up an email address where girls can table in their applications to his ‘army’.

“Those girls are in for a big shock. That man is clueless on how to please a woman,” says the ex lover.

She claims that she briefly dated Kenny a while back but things got sour after recommending that the former jail bird should consider ringing up Men’s Clinic.

“Time and again, I would see him taking little blue pills to enhance his sexual performance. I was merely trying to be a supportive girlfriend, but that clearly offended him.”

She claims that before she knew it, Kenny Kunene had moved on, but this time with a younger and more naïve bimbo.

“He likes young girls because older women knows better. Young girls are sexually inexperienced and won’t give attention to his sexual flaws,” she said.

Probed on whether she might be a bitter ex trying to settle scores with the millionaire, she was quick to rubbish this;

“I can give you a list of girls who can confirm what I’m telling you. He is not even a good kisser. He is the type that leaves the area around your mouth with saliva. Let’s not even go to his actual sexual performance. All I can say is, a chicken does a better job.

“He is too old for these kind of things. He should stick to showing off his shrinking wealth and leave the bedroom game to those who can. He can’t please one woman, let alone fifteen,” she said before erupting into a roar of laughter.

She is adamant that her current underground lover [who is a prominent ANC member known to Lifestyle Tabloids] can teach Kunene a thing or two.

“Kenny should compare notes with my current man. They are the same age but he sure knows how to leave a woman gasping for more,” she said and hanged up.

Kenny Kunene’s recent Twitter rant reads; “If you don’t satisfy your wife sexually we’ll do it for you. Some married women cheats with us for satisfaction…”

Is this all talk with no evidence from both parties? I guess we will never know the truth. Kenny Kunene could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Randy says:

    Kenny is a real man if he was not performing the gal wouldn’t laugh.we all knw basetsana ba tshaba go tlhadiwa..MR sushi the best..I’m inspired

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